About the Gallery

The Annapolis Collection Gallery is not only filled with history, the building itself is part of Annapolis History.
In 1865, the Slama family came in to the US and erected the building on West Street, opening a shoe store downstairs making the apartment above the shop their residence. The Slama name is still imprinted in the tile to the entrance of the building. In 2007, Katherine Burke moved her gallery (previously from 45 West Street) into the Slama building on 55 West Street, bringing with her, her collection of black and white photographs of old Annapolis and her six Annapolis Masters.  

When you walk up to the Annapolis Collection Gallery your eyes are meet with the rotating artwork displayed behind the building's original glass windows. When you enter your senses are awaken with the sound of Chopin, the smell of antique teak wood and the visual delights by Greg Harlin, Ann Munro Wood, Moe Hanson, Roxie Munro, Yoomi Yoon and Rick Casali. The mixed mediums of oil paint, watercolor, pastel + charcoal, intricate paper cuttings and sculptures are complimented by the black and white photographs of Charles Emery, Aubrey Bodine and Marion Warren. With such history adorning the walls Katherine welcomed Jay Fleming, renowned Annapolis photographer, to bring his vibrant pieces of modern Chesapeake and Cuba. This intentional but eclectic mix brings art collectors out from all over the world, taking with them pieces of Annapolis history.

Passionate about the arts, Katherine has been a proponent of arts in Annapolis. The Annapolis Collection Gallery pieces are often seen throughout the town, in private establishments and public places. Ever been to Grauls? Next time, look up. The large black and whites were carefully curated by Katherine to make your shopping experience more memorable.

The Annapolis Collection Gallery 

55 West St Annapolis.