Francis Marion – Swamp Fox

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The life of General Francis Marion; Patriot, Farmer, Genius of Guerilla Warfare

This book is a work of fiction that closely follows the actual history of Francis Marion's life with a summary of major historical dates from 1761 to 1795. Because there are no records covering long periods of his life, the author Forrest E. Hill fills in those blanks with exciting tales of how Francis Marion and his companions survived living in the swamps and woods of the South Carolina Low Country, their successful attacks with British forces, and his role as a member of the Continental Army.

About the Author

As a young boy growing up in the South, Forrest Hill developed an interest in the life and career of Revolutionary War General Francis Marion of South Carolina. When he decided, at a later stage in his life, to try his hand at writing, he naturally thought about Marion as the first subject to be explored. This book is the result of that interest. Mr. Hill's professional career began after graduating with an Industrial Engineering degree from Washington University of St. Louis. He then earned his MBA from Utah State University and worked for 15 years in the corporate offices of manufacturing. He worked on several projects involving the mining industry. Those assignments led to a focus on coal, and in 1981, he formed his own company, Hill & Associates, which served the U.S. and international coal markets. His interest in writing developed after his retirement. Mr. Hill and his wife live in Annapolis, Maryland, where they've enjoyed sailing for several years. Advancing age put a crimp on racing his sailboat on the Chesapeake Bay; writing became a more attractive option.

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