Moe Hanson

In France, Moe is known as Mme Delaitre, but in the states, she is known as Moe Hanson.

Ms. Hanson has extensive formal training in the realist-based classical techniques. Reflecting years of tutelage, her finely rendered works are derived from a true sense of craftmanship, augmented by skills honed through years of diligent effort and enhanced by the innate sense of beauty which goes into making a true artist. Her works are held in numerous private collections and several public institutions worldwide, including the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, The United States Naval Academy and the University of Maryland's Dental Museum, as well as appearing on magazine and bookcovers such as National Geographic and Miramax-Hyperion.

Her studio is located in Ussy-sur-Marne, France, where she works on portrait commissions and figure paintings.